Jim Cam: Titanic kiss out of focus

Press Association

James Cameron has confessed Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet's momentous kiss in Titanic is out of focus.

The Canadian director revealed his favourite scene in his Oscar-winning 1997 movie is the kiss at sun set, and recalled the crew tripping over each other to be ready as they realised the right moment had arrived, with Kate running and people following behind, fixing her dress.

Cameron said: "One take was completely out of focus and one was partially out of focus and that is the one in the film. It was one of those great serendipitous moments where everything came together. It all happened; that is the magic of movie-making."

He spoke as he and producer Jon Landau opened the first exhibit dedicated to their movie about the ship, at the world's largest Titanic museum - Titanic Belfast.

The display features props and costumes from some of the most memorable scenes from the film, as well as items from Titanic fanatic Jim Cam's personal collection, which includes the ship's wheel.

The newly opened museum is 100 yards from where Titanic's hull was launched and beside it is the drawing office where she was designed.

Cameron said although the film did not focus on the making of the vessel, there were traditional bodhran drums representing Ireland used in the soundtrack.

"We wanted to get that bit of the soul of the ship, which is an Irish soul," he added. "That helps pull on the heartstrings and makes the emotion of that tragic story more powerful for the Irish."

He also paid tribute to the Belfast shipbuilders of the Titanic, saying : "I believe firmly that they are the unsung heroes of Titanic, that kept that ship upright, the stately image that we all think of when we think of Titanic sinking."