Jim Carrey backlash over gun law attack

Jim Carrey has incurred the wrath of Middle America after launching an elaborate online attack on US gun laws, and mocking former NRA president actor Charlton Heston.

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Carrey’s video ‘Cold Dead Hand’, for US site Funny Or Die, sees the actor parody the late actor and former National Rifle Association president Charlton Heston, on a spoof version of classic US variety show ‘Hee Haw’.

The actor then appears as country singer “Lonesome Earl”, launching into a musical parody focused on Heston’s now immortal comments that his gun rights would be taken from his “cold, dead hands!”

You can see the video here on Funny Or Die.

The clip, in which 51-year-old Carrey appears alongside actors dressed as Gandhi, John Lennon and Abraham Lincoln, features provocative lyrics:

“It takes a cold dead hand to decide to pull the trigger,” says the chorus. “It takes a cold dead heart, and as near as I can figure, with your cold dead aim you’re trying to prove your d**k is bigger. But we know your chariot may not be swinging low.”

Canadian-born Carrey then took to Twitter in a pre-emptive strike on gun rights advocates, in response to opposition to gun law changes following the Sandy Hook school massacre.

"'Cold Dead Hand' is abt u heartless mother**kers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids. Sorry if you're offended by the word safety!” tweeted the actor.

He continued: “Over a million ppl have been killed by guns in the US since John Lennon was shot. Look no further than your own backyard for WMDs!”

However Carrey’s comments have angered countless thousands in Middle America:

“What a d**che, just have to jump on the liberal bandwagon huh Jim?” commented one Facebook user, “Guess us normal people don't deserve protection like a big celebrity like you.”

“Carry is just another brainless turd with a cold dead heart in hollywood who gets a microphone because he has no clue or care whats really going on outside of California,” said another.

Some even called for a boycott of all things Carrey: “Jim, you have lost my respect for now and forever. You are either a tyrant or a useful idiot in the hands of tyrants. Boycott ANYTHING Jim Carrey.”

Opponents have also pointed out that Carrey has appeared in several apparently “violent” movies himself: “When can we expect to see him condemn his newest movie ‘Kick-Ass 2’ for gun violence?”  says one comment.

Carrey however resigned himself to personal victory, ending his Twitter tirade with a proud admission: "Thx 4 your input 2day," he wrote. "I don't think I've ever felt so despised and so free at the same time. It's been delightful."