Jim Carrey surprises Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber talk show reunion

Dumb and Dumber (Credit: New Line Cinema)
Dumb and Dumber (Credit: New Line Cinema)

Not for the first time, Jim Carrey just totally redeemed himself…

On Last night’s Conan, Jeff Daniels was minding his own business, doing the promotional rounds for his new movie The Looming Tower.

Until his Dumb and Dumber co-star Jim Carrey turned up entirely unannounced on the set.

Leading into it, O’Brien began: “You made Dumb and Dumber. We’re taking a left turn here, but did you know that movie would be as big as it became, and would be as iconic as it became?”

“I was making a comedy with Jim Carrey, that’s what I knew, comedic genius. We knew 14-year-old boys would love it, ” replied Daniels, as Carrey emerged from the wings.

Genuinely shocked, the pair – eventually – embrace before Carrey, now without his huge, burly beard, takes to the couch.

“I wanted to say it in front of the world,” says Carrey, “You’re in town… and you don’t call me?”

The pair clearly still have a huge affection for each other, which fans of the movie will have delighted at.

“Shooting Dumb and Dumber with Jim, you grab on to the tornado that is Jim Carrey, and you hang on,” said Daniels. “And it was such a joy.”

“When I saw him, there’s was a tingling in my groin. That’s the sign, that’s when I know I’m with the right person,” replies Carrey.

“Dustin Hoffman called me, and he said ‘that is the most real buddy relationship I’ve seen in decades’. And I went ‘get out of here, who’s this’. Fortunately he couldn’t grab me, because he was on the phone,” he went on, in a blackly comic reference to the accusations of harassment surrounding the Hollywood legend.

Dumb & Dumber, directed by the Farrelly brothers in their debut release, was released in 1994, and found Daniels playing Harry, the dim-witted dog groomer, to Carrey’s equally dim Lloyd, a limo driver.

Though it received middling reviews at the time, it quickly became a cult classic, followed up by a – sadly less successful – sequel in 2014, and prequel in 2003 that is best undiscussed.

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