Jimmy Fallon Pays Creepy Compliment To Aaron Rodgers As RFK Jr. VP Choice

Jimmy Fallon said Aaron Rodgers would be a fine fit for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s running mate on Wednesday ― but that praise was loaded. (Watch the video below.)

On “The Tonight Show” the host riffed on reports the New York Jets quarterback was being strongly considered by the independent candidate for his vice president, along with Jesse Ventura.

“To be honest, Aaron Rodgers would actually be a great choice, considering RFK Jr.’s other friends,” Fallon said.

Fallon then cut to a weird interview in which Kennedy said: “I mean, I knew Harvey Weinstein. I knew Roger Ailes. I knew — O.J. Simpson came to my house. Bill Cosby came to my house.”

Fallon’s slack-jawed response left the audience laughing. Fast forward to 2:55 for the Rodgers bit:

Salon reported that Kennedy name-dropped the infamous men, who were accused or convicted of crimes ranging from rape and sexual misconduct to murder, on a podcast. Kennedy was asked about flying on the plane of Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire sex offender who died by suicide in prison while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

Kennedy explained he lived in New York, so he would “run into everybody.”

Rodgers made more off-the-field headlines on Wednesday when CNN reported that he embraced false conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook school shooting.