Jimmy Kimmel Reacts to “Preposterous” George Santos Lawsuit

Jimmy Kimmel appeared mighty offended about being sued by serial fabulist George Santos for alleged fraud, judging by his comedy routine on Tuesday night.

“Did anyone else get sued by George Santos this weekend?  I am currently embroiled in what may be the most preposterous lawsuit of all time,” Kimmel declared. He was reacting to the former congressman bringing a lawsuit with a request for $750,000 plus damages against Kimmel for alleged fraud.

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Kimmel said Santos brought the legal action against the late night TV host, his company and the Walt Disney company because “we did a nice thing, because we supported him by ordering his Cameo videos.”

Since Santos was expelled from the U.S. House of Representatives, he has filmed Cameo videos for people that have appeared on social media. In December, Kimmel joined in and anonymously made his own requests to Santos’ Cameo account, asking for personalized videos of him reading what were actually fake stories.

The host later aired some of the videos as part of a new segment, “Will Santos Say It?” On Tuesday night, Kimmel addressed Santos accusing him of using deception to acquire the Cameo videos and then broadcasting them on his show.

“He says we deceived him under the guise of fandom soliciting personalized videos, only to then broadcast these on national television,” Kimmel pointed out. “And if there’s one thing George Santos will not stand for, it’s using a fake name under false pretenses,” he added.

Kimmel dismissed Santos claiming he had been duped by the messages sent to him by the late night show.

“This is like getting sued for paternity by Nick Cannon,” Kimmel said, while adding Santos was being represented in his legal claim “by the prestigious law firm of Pot, Kettle and Black.”

The ex-congressman separately faces numerous criminal charges, including allegations he defrauded campaign donors, used campaign contributions to pay for personal expenses and lied to Congress about his wealth.

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