J.J. Abrams: Why Han Solo Is His Favourite Star Wars 7 Character

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ director J.J. Abrams has a clear favourite… and he explains why he loves that scruffy-looking nerf herder quite so much.

During an interview with SiriusXM (via Entertainment Weekly) the ‘Star Wars 7’ director explained why he has ‘come to really appreciate’ Han Solo.

“There’s this moment that’s in the trailer, so I’m not giving anything away, where Han is telling these two new protagonists about how the Force is real,” he explained, “and how the Jedi and everything they’ve heard is true.”

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Of course, for many fans, it was one of the highlights of the full ‘Star Wars 7’ trailer… and the reason for that? It’s exactly as J.J. Abrams explains.

“It’s cool because he’s telling them the story in the Millennium Falcon literally six feet from where he was sitting 40 years ago, saying that it’s all bulls**t,” he explained. “It’s so cool to think that there’s a character that gets to live on in a movie who goes from being such a doubter and non-believer into someone who is… I wouldn’t say an evangelist… but who’s validating this stuff that was so powerful and this idea that was so strong.”

It’s easy to see why any ‘Star Wars’ fan would be drawn to everyone’s favourite space cowboy… after all, he gave the series a more relatable feel with the idea that hokey religions are no match for a quick trigger finger.

And on that very subject, Abrams believes that Han definitely shot first.

“Hell yes,” he responded when asked about the age-old debate.

But while Abrams is clearly on the side of the fans, he might want to have a word with ‘Star Wars’ creator George Lucas… who foolishly stands by his decision to make Greedo the one who took the first shot.

At least we can all agree that Han Solo is one cool customer… and he’s our favourite too, J.J.

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ heads to cinemas on 17 December 2015.

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Picture Credit: Lucasfilm.