JLo and Ben Affleck's Dunkin' Ad Wins the Super Bowl Commercial Game



The Super Bowl's commercial game is famously GREAT, but this year's ads were superb. Leading the pack was Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial starring Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, plus Tom Brady, Matt Damon, and Jack Harlow.

The commercial opens with JLo in the recording studio, a bedazzled Dunkin' cup (your Stanley could never) in front of her before we see Jack Harlow saying to JLo's husband, Ben Affleck, "I don’t think you should do this," as the two sit in a car outside the studio. “Last year, she came to my work. Now, I got to show her what I can do,” he responds, referencing last year's Dunkins Super Bowl commercial, which featured the actor working behind the counter at the coffee spot, with Lopez pulling up and giving him a hard time.

Affleck thankfully does not heed Harlow's advice, instead bursting into JLo's recording session (an assistant whispers in her ear, “He’s here," as JLo gives a, “No.”), yelling, “What up! For your consideration, here comes the Boston Massacre. The DunKings!”

Ben Affleck, ladies and gentlemen, is in a boyband. And his fellow DunKings? None other than fellow Boston legends Tom Brady and Matt Damon.

“Touchdown Tommy on the keys!” Affleck shouts, giving Brady a fist bump. “Needs no introduction, my partner,” the actor says as he introduces Damon, who gives an embarrassed “It’s really hard to be your friend, man” back.

The boy band, dressed in matching orange DunKings tracksuits and complete with backup dancers, previews their thing, which is Ben Affleck showing off some considerable moves and busting out the line: "Don’t dunk away at my heart. Why you Dunkin’ me, girl?” Damon half-heartedly offers up the perfect punchline (and iconic Good Will Hunting reference), “How do you like them…donuts.”



“We talked about this,” says JLo, who, along with Fat Joe, looks utterly flabbergasted by the scene. Affleck leaves, Lopez invites Brady to stay, and the whole thing is perfect. Affleck's unwavering commitment to Dunkin' deserves its own trophy.

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