Jodie Comer replaced by The Crown star in new drama

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

The Crown actress Vanessa Kirby has stepped in to replace Jodie Comer in Ridley Scott's historical drama Kitbag.

Comer, who enjoyed the strongest year of her career in 2021 with the release of Help, The Last Duel and Free Guy, was forced to drop out over scheduling conflicts, which meant the filmmaker needed to source a new Joséphine Bonaparte to appear opposite Joaquin Phoenix's Emperor Napoleon.

Deadline now reports that the Oscar-nominated Kirby is his choice.

Comer's upcoming commitments include her solo role in the play Prima Facie, which will mark her West End debut when it opens in April.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

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Penned by Scott's All the Money in the World collaborator David Scarpa, the action examines Napoleon's military work and eventual ascension to emperorship, while also covering his "addictive and often volatile relationship with his wife and one true love, Joséphine".

Elsewhere, on the subject of The Last Duel's divisive ending, the star recently told Digital Spy why she found the sequence featuring her character Marguerite de Carrouges playing with her child to be particularly beautiful.

"It's such a moment when she comes away from that duel and she's on horseback and I remember, really, when we would do in that scene and the kind of dialogue that we were having," Comer explained.

Photo credit: 20th Century Studios
Photo credit: 20th Century Studios

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"She realises that this – all this excuse for a battle was never actually about her.

"It was never about being concerned for her and her welfare and getting her justice, it was about these two guys, you know, fighting it out for themselves.

"And then you see her, you know, with her child and she's content and to see her in that moment after, I thought was really really beautiful," she explained.

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