Joe Buck moved by Jim Nantz's on-air shoutout ahead of Super Bowl

Arun Srinivasan

The Buck family have long established themselves as broadcasting royalty, and have seen it all when it comes to baseball and football.

They’re not immune to the more touching side of sports, however. Joe Buck is scheduled to call this year’s Super Bowl, where the Kansas City Chiefs square off against the San Francisco 49ers, and this game will have some special meaning to him.

CBS’s Jim Nantz was intuitive enough to know that this year’s event will be more than just a game to Joe Buck, and provided him with the following shoutout after the Chiefs topped the Tennessee Titans in the AFC title game.

Joe Buck was moved by an on-air shoutout to his late father, Jack. (Gary Gershoff/WireImage)

"When the Chiefs won Super Bowl IV, the game was called by Jack Buck and how cool is it that his son, Joe, will be calling the Chiefs' appearance 50 years later in this 100th season of the NFL?”

Buck was clearly moved by the shoutout.

Jack Buck was a broadcasting icon, and was primarily known for his work calling games for the St. Louis Cardinals. Before he died in 2002, Buck was named to the Baseball Hall of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame and National Radio Hall of Fame.

Joe has done a great job of carrying on his legacy, and has become one of the defining voices in modern baseball and football coverage. If you go back to any huge moment in either sport over the past decade or two, Joe likely has his imprint on it.

No moment is too big for Joe Buck at this juncture of his career, but you have to think he’ll be especially inspired on Feb. 2.

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