Joey Essex 'won’t be given any preferential treatment on Love Island'

Joey Essex “won’t be given any preferential treatment” on ‘Love Island’.

The 33-year-old TV star recently entered the 'Love Island' villa - but Joey won't be treated any differently to the other Islanders.

A source told MailOnline: "He hasn't been paid an appearance fee or any money at all for signing up to the show, not a penny.

“On 'Love Island', it is all about the exposure and for Joey, it means more than that too ... He's looking for someone to settle down with, so it's not about the money he can make on the other side.”

Joey - who previously dated Sam Faiers, who was his co-star on 'Only Way Is Essex' - has already admitted that he's “looking for a wife in the villa”.

The reality TV star is said to have reached a point in his life whereby he's keen to settle down and even "have children one day".

Speaking about Joey's long-term aspirations, the insider shared: “Joey has signed up to 'Love Island' for all the right reasons.

“He's 33 years old and really wants to find someone he can settle down with, he wants a wife and to have children one day."

Joey is also keen to show his "true self" to the British public.

The source explained: “Not many people know the real Joey, over the years he's hidden behind his reality TV persona but being on 'Love Island' will give him the opportunity to show his true self.

“He doesn't need fame, followers, or the prize money ... He's excited to meet someone and can't wait to start dating.”