John Barrowman surprises 'Lorraine' viewers with unexpected Scottish accent

Katie Archer
·2-min read

John Barrowman is known for bellowing “fabulous!” in his US accent, so Lorraine viewers were shocked to hear his very convincing Scottish tones in Monday’s show.

The Doctor Who star called in to wish host Lorraine Kelly a happy birthday, and in tribute to the Scottish presenter he drew on his own Glasgow roots.

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Barrowman, 53, serenaded Kelly with Happy Birthday in a Scottish accent, leaving plenty of viewers feeling a little confused.

However, others could relate to Barrowman’s changing accent.

Although Barrowman moved to the US when he was nine with his family, he was actually born and grew up in Glasgow - but has said he worked hard to cultivate an American accent so that he wouldn’t be teased at school.

Kelly said: “I love that his Scottish accent comes back when he talks to me.”

It’s recently been confirmed that Barrowman’s Doctor Who character Captain Jack Harkness will return for the show’s Christmas special.

But the actor and stage star has recently shared his plans for a revival of the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood too, saying that he’d like to see an episode that travels back in time to reunite the original team.

He told Radio Times: "We travel back in time to be with the old team to solve the problem that is happening in the future, with the new team.

"They can create a new Torchwood team with Jack and everybody that is there, but he goes back to be with the old team because he needs answers there.

"That would work… not that I've thought about it!"