John Elliott Men’s Fall 2024

John Elliott swerved off the Italian tourist track this season, paying a visit to Italy’s automotive racing hub, Modena, and specifically the Ferrari museum and Maserati factory.

At the factory, he was struck by how put-together the workers looked, even as they were clocking off for the day and preparing to play an early evening game of football.

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“They were mixing semi-formal, with athletic clothing and I was so taken by what they were wearing. I wanted to put some of Modena — and their on duty and off-duty uniforms — into this collection,” said the designer, who is known for high-end, functional pieces made with custom fabrics and washes.

During his trip he visited the home of Enzo Ferrari, and drew on the lavish interiors of the automobile magnate’s home.

He turned the flowers, birds and greenery from a Chinese wax mural into the fabric for a puffer jacket, loose-fitting tailored shirt, and waistcoat, all of which had a soft, romantic feel.

He added a luxe spin to base layers in a bid to capture the chic, sporty style of the Maserati workers on their way to the pitch.

Long-sleeve t-shirts, thermal tops and sweatshirts were made from wool or a wool-cashmere blend, while trucker jackets were done in rich corduroy or moleskin fabrics custom-developed for the brand in Japan.

“I want these pieces to age beautifully, and for people to keep them in their closets for years,” said the Los Angeles-based Elliott, who’s headed back to Italy soon for more inspiration.

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