John Hannah's hard core homecoming

25 August 2012

John Hannah has admitted how much he enjoyed being back with "serious hard core Jocks" making his latest film in Scotland.

The star of Spartacus and Four Weddings And A Funeral stars in hard-hitting drama The Wee Man, based on the life of real-life former Scottish gangster Paul Ferris.

John said: "It's a gangster film but not in the mould of a British gangster film with Cockneys. It's a period piece. I thought it was a good script, I hadn't done anything in Scotland for a long time.

"It was kind of cool to be back with a whole bunch of serious hard core Jocks, y'know?"

The Scottish actor - who has starred in detective shows McCallum and Cold Blood - next appears with Suranne Jones in Charlie Brooker's spoof cop show A Touch Of Cloth.

"Before I read the script my thought was, 'Oh... another detective show...' but I got the script and it was just a hoot," he said.

"It was quite tricky not to laugh sometimes because we were doing stuff which was just so insane.

"There was a bit with Suranne where we look at each other and it goes on a bit too long, turning into one of those moments where you're like, 'Are we going to kiss?' That was quite hard."

:: A Touch Of Cloth begins on Sky Atlantic on Sunday, August 26.

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