John Oliver on similarities between Trump and Mexico’s likely next president

On Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Oliver noted the similarities between the frontrunner in Mexico’s presidential election, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, also known as AMLO, and Donald Trump.  Like Trump, Oliver says, AMLO’s goals are clear but his plans for achieving them are sketchy. Other resemblances: AMLO’s constantly shifting policy positions and tendency to keep his advisers in the dark.

“Journalists who have covered him say it’s hard to judge things based on his policy platforms because they are prone to change — often seemingly overnight — and that he often makes big promises while keeping his own advisers guessing as to what he really means,” Oliver said.

Another thing AMLO has in common with Trump is that the same types of groups support him, like the Socialist Encounter Party, an evangelical Christian party that opposes same-sex marriage, homosexuality, and abortion. One glaring difference between AMLO and Trump, however, is that AMLO enjoys support from more liberal groups as well. Some, including Oliver, make a comparison not just to Trump but also to Bernie Sanders.

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