John Rhys-Davies doesn't want a female James Bond yet

John Rhys-Davies wants James Bond to remain a man credit:Bang Showbiz
John Rhys-Davies wants James Bond to remain a man credit:Bang Showbiz

John Rhys-Davies does not think the world is "ready" for a female James Bond.

The 79-year-old actor starred alongside Timothy Dalton's 007 in the 1987 Bond film 'The Living Daylights' and believes that the legendary character should continue to be male following the departure of Daniel Craig.

John told "I think Bond changes with the climate. And I think the climate... I don't think we're ready for a female James Bond – yet.

"Because the whole concept of Bond is really male and chauvinist."

Despite his stance, the 'Indiana Jones' star did defend the viewpoint of those who feel that a female Bond would be a progressive move for the long-running franchise.

John said: "Yes there are – I'm sure – there are very tough female agents in the world, but we need a Bond. We are in such a dangerous time at this moment. I just hope MI5 and MI6 are really up to it."

When asked who he would want to replace Craig as 007, Rhys-Davies quipped: "I want Bond, James Bond."

The Welsh actor is a huge fan of the franchise and particularly enjoyed working with the Broccoli family who look after the Bond series.

John explained: "I love Bond. I love Barbara and I loved (her late father and former 007 boss) Cubby. The whole Bond thing is one of the great experiences in filmmaking. And Cubby himself was a prince, a great Italian prince."

Barbara confirmed earlier this year that casting for a new Bond is still yet to begin as there is no script in place for the next 007 flick.

She told LADbible: "No, we haven't even started casting yet.

"There isn't even a script."