John Slattery: Philip Seymour Hoffman Was Going To Direct Me Next (Exclusive)

Tom Butler
Senior UK Writer

Following the untimely demise of Philip Seymour Hoffman earlier this year, attention turned to the late actor’s unreleased films. 

One of those films, ‘God’s Pocket’, is coming to UK cinemas this week and the director John Slattery (of ‘Mad Men’ fame) says he was planning to work with Hoffman again, but on the other side of the camera.

“[Philip] said we should switch roles,” Slattery explains to Yahoo in our exclusive video above, “I’ll direct one and you be in it.”

The actors had worked together before on ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ before Hoffman signed up to produce and star in Slattery’s directorial debut, and it sounds like another collaboration would definitely have been on the cards.

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“I would have done anything, anytime with him, he’s just the best.” adds Slattery.

Hoffman plays Mickey Scarpato in ‘God’s Pocket’, a low-level mobster drawn into a series of unfortunate events when his wife’s scumbag son mysteriously dies at work.

Christina Hendricks (also of ‘Mad Men’ fame) who plays his wife Jeannie, admits promoting the film without Philip has been tough, but in some ways therapeutic.

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“There’s something about still being very involved with the film, and watching the film, and talking about the film, it feels like he’s still here,” she says.

A sentiment which Slattery echoes: “I’m proud of the film and that actually, given the circumstance, is of great comfort.”

“Knowing that I’m here, promoting something that [Philip] was so proud of. But I wish he were still here doing it with me.”

‘God’s Pocket’ is in UK cinemas from tomorrow, 8 August.

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