Star Wars Scum and Villainy

John Williams "making sure he's ready to return for 'Star Wars 7'"

There are many iconic aspects of George Lucas' 'Star Wars' saga - Darth Vader, lightsabers, Yoda - but perhaps most iconic of all is John Williams' score.

When it comes to Disney's new films, and J.J. Abrams' 'Episode 7', there has been and will be plenty of speculation as to what we'll see.

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It is all but certain however that it will begin suddenly with John William's emphatic score as the yellow logo fades, giving way to a scene-setting scrolling prologue.

Nothing is assured just yet, but legendary composer John Williams' has spoken about his likely involvement at a concert held earlier this month.

"We're about to play 'Star Wars' and each time we play it, I'm reminded of the first time we played it decades ago."

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His words were reported by a member of John Williams fan site JWFan's forums.

"Neither I, nor George, nor anyone else involved thought this would go far or in a few years there would be a sequel and I'd have to revisit the themes…and years later another trilogy.

"Now we're hearing of a new set of movies coming in 2015, 2016…so I need to make sure I'm still ready to go in a few years for what I hope would be continued work with George."

George Lucas' involvement will be limited of course, but the stage is certainly set for him to score the new trilogy.

Written by Michael Arndt and directed by J.J. Abrams, 'Star Wars: Episode 7' is set for release in 2015.