John Woo's Christmas action movie Silent Night confirms UK release

joel kinnaman as godlock holding a gun, silent night
John Woo's Christmas movie gets UK release dateDavid R. Gaynes/ Lionsgate

Silent Night, the new Christmas action movie from John Woo, has confirmed its UK release date.

The festive film from the acclaimed director follows Brian Godlock (Joel Kinnaman), a tormented father who spends Christmas Eve purging the criminal underworld of the people who killed his young son.

The feature will be released on Sky Cinema on December 23 in the UK, meaning fans don’t have too long to wait until they can gaze at Woo’s trademark chaotic style. US fans can view the film earlier, with its theatrical release set to begin on December 1.

catalina sandino moreno as saya, joel kinnaman as godlock, silent night
David R. Gaynes/ Lionsgate

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The gritty revenge tale is reportedly "full of Woo's signature style", with the film "redefining the action genre with visceral, thrill-a-minute storytelling", according to the logline.

Kinnaman is joined in the cast by Scott Mescudi (aka Kid Cudi), Harold Torres and Catalina Sandino Moreno, with the lead star not required to speak after his character loses his voice as a result of voice surgery.

Woo, who directed Face/Off and Mission: Impossible 2, previously explained the stylistic choice of having a silent protagonist, saying: "It was a very smart script and the story really touched me [because] I have three children.

silent night official trailer

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"The biggest challenge is how do you make the audience accept a story without dialogue, and get them moved by the story, let them understand they're not missing something.

"[Kinnaman] was very in the character. He was always pushing himself so hard to work out. He tried [to give] a real performance, but only with his eyes. His eyes have so many stories and so many emotions. I was so happy to work with him."

Silent Night will be released on Sky Cinema on December 23.

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