Johnny Depp has made history with new fragrance deal

In a groundbreaking move, Johnny Depp has secured a historic deal with renowned French luxury brand Dior, solidifying his status in the beauty industry. The Hollywood icon has signed a remarkable contract worth a staggering $20 million, marking it as the largest-ever men's fragrance partnership. Having been the face of Dior's iconic scent Sauvage since 2015, Depp will continue his collaboration with the company for at least another three years. Only Robert Pattinson's $12 million salary for Dior Homme comes close to Depp's new paycheck. Despite facing challenges in recent years, Depp has received unwavering support from Dior, leading to remarkable sales success driven by his authentic and profound image. As Depp makes his comeback to the silver screen with the highly anticipated biographical drama 'Jeanne du Barry,' chosen as the opening film at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, his partnership with Dior further solidifies his influence and impact in the entertainment world. Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive insights on our MRSS feed!