Johnny Depp Is Name-Checked in Suit Over Amber Heard Sex Scenes That Never Happened

Reunited (by a lawsuit) — Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. (Photo: Getty Images)

Another day, another claim about Johnny Depp. This time, the claims are coming from a lawsuit filed not against the 53-year-old actor but against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. Producers from an unreleased film titled London Fields allege that “jealous” Depp demanded that Heard back out of her commitment to do racy nude scenes in the flick.

They are suing 31-year-old Heard for a whopping $10 million, alleging that she refused to promote the movie and that she falsely claimed that she had not contractually agreed to allow the use of nudity. They also added that Heard tried to “evade” being deposed in the case.

Heard is fighting back and filed a countersuit against the producers, saying they hired a body double to shoot “pornographic” scenes and add them in.

The producers then responded by arguing that her misconduct “might have resulted, at least in part, from her tumultuous relationship with Mr. Depp, which was ongoing during the filming of London Fields.”

Happier times: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at the Grammys. (Photo: John Shearer/WireImage)

They added, “The provocative nature of Heard’s femme fatale role in the film was a factor leading to her divorce from Depp,” noting that she had first approved the scandalous scenes, but later “reversed course, apparently under perceived or actual pressure from Depp (who, according to Heard, was extremely jealous).” In other words, Depp couldn’t take it.

Johnny Depp at the premiere of  Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. (Photo: VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

They also added that Heard had made “numerous fantastical accusations against Depp” and reminded the powers that be that rumors of her affair with costar Billy Bob Thornton “became so pervasive that Thornton issued a public denial.” That seems a little off-topic here, but OK.

It does seem that the estranged former loves have finally found something they agree on, however: the insanity of this lawsuit.

“Desperate people say desperate things. The utter failure of London Fields is due to only one reason: the producers themselves,” Heard’s lawyer explained. “Their nefarious moves included illegally adding pornographic scenes with a body double resembling Amber Heard and a striptease scene with the same body double — deceitful moves expressly barred by her contract.”

Depp’s rep added, “The dispute between the producers and Amber Heard has nothing to do with Johnny Depp. We are informed that the producers have also been sued by the director and another producer. The statements about Johnny are ridiculous.”

Depp and Heard married in 2015 after a whirlwind romance, and their divorce was finalized in January.

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