Johnny Depp's Daughter Lily-Rose's Movie Yoga Hosers Is Getting Hammered


It looks like Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose Depp may have to steel herself for a baptism of fire around her first proper film role.

She stars in Kevin Smith’s forthcoming teen comedy-horror ‘Yoga Hosers’, but following its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, and the release of a new clip, the prognosis is not good.

A review in the Hollywood Reporter suggests that even ardent fans of Smith, who has called it 'the movie I would have wanted to see back when I was a twelve year-old girl’ will likely 'draw the line at this outing’.

Variety has been even more punishing on the 'Clerks’ director, who also wrote the script.

Calling it an 'imbecilic, strenuously wacky helping of see-what-sticks juvenilia’, its chief critic Justin Chang added: “To shackle two lovely and promising teenage actresses to material this dreadful could be reasonably construed as an awfully expensive form of child abuse.”

Entertainment Weekly’s Chris Nashawaty said simply:

The movie also stars Smith’s daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, opposite Depp, as a pair of convenience store workers from Manitoba who encounter an ancient evil from beneath the Earth’s crust.

Coming in for specific criticism are the Canadian accents, seemingly a source of endless amusement for director Smith.

“'Yoga Hosers’ might be marginally more tolerable if Smith were able to get over his fascination with goofy but inconsistent Canadian accents. Excessive use of 'aboot’ is probably funny with friends… but on screen it’s awful,” wrote IndieWire.

A recent clip released on YouTube has infuriated many viewers too.

'Yoga Hosers’, also starring Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Tony Hale (and an unrecognisable cameo from Johnny Depp) is due out later this year in the UK.

Image credits: Invincible Pictures

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