Johnny Depp's Jeanne Du Barry Trailer Highlights The Actor's Tense, French Comeback To Film

 Johnny Depp smiles coyly dressed as Louis XV in Jeanne du Barry.
Johnny Depp smiles coyly dressed as Louis XV in Jeanne du Barry.

For some time now we’ve known that the slate of upcoming Johnny Depp movies included his big acting comeback, courtesy of co-writer/co-star/director Maïwenn’s film Jeanne du Barry. The trick was, we never knew when we should expect this movie to be released; a question that was amplified by the fact that European audiences saw this theatrical product on display around this time last year.

Well now the wait is over, as Depp’s tense French historical drama finally has a trailer, and a fairly release date as well. Thanks to the good folks at Fathom Events, domestic market fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean vet will be able to finally catch Jeanne du Barry in theaters on May 2nd.

After seeing the domestic trailer for Maïwenn’s film, it looks like every bit of the palace intrigue drama you’d expect. Not only is the story of King Louis XV’s final mistress one that brought great scandal to his reign, it’s also exactly the type of movie you’d see Johnny Depp taking part in. Period dramas with on point costumes and makeup are kind of his thing, which puts Jeanne du Barry firmly into the man’s wheelhouse.

However, Jeanne du Barry’s Cannes reactions from last year do suggest that when it comes time for critics to partake in this picture, it might be more of a mixed bag. That was the case when the project debuted at that prestigious French film festival, which occurred on top of the controversy surrounding Johnny Depp’s casting.

Johnny Depp walking with Maïwenn's head on his shoulder in Jeanne du Barry.
Johnny Depp walking with Maïwenn's head on his shoulder in Jeanne du Barry.

Perhaps the extra lead time for a domestic release was a calculated move to avoid such press? Or maybe, Jeanne du Barry was merely the subject of its own bouts of palace intrigue, during its search for a distributor. Whatever the case, the finished product looks as gorgeous and tragic as fans of these films could want.

There's a chance we may a sleeper box office hit on our hands with Jeanne du Barry, between the tone and Johnny Depp’s loyal fanbase. Nothing's ever certain in this business, but Fathom Events have been known to hit well enough in some cases that engagements are extended by popular demand.

Which brings me to one last important point: audiences who want to see Jeanne du Barry shouldn’t wait too long, however. If Fathom Events’ website is any indication, this picture is only going to be running between May 2nd and 6th. So check your local listings, and plan your potential movie going excursions accordingly.

While you’re at it, don’t forget that the 2024 movie schedule has plenty of other delights to offer that are truly fit for royalty. Especially when Johnny Depp's directorial debut Modi is tipped to be debuting at some point this year. Though if Jeanne du Barry is any indication, you might want to pace yourself before getting to excited about buying tickets.