Joker 2 theory suggests Harley Quinn and Joker's relationship might be an inverse of the comics, and we're convinced

 Lady Gaga in Joker 2.
Lady Gaga in Joker 2.

The Joker 2 trailer has arrived – and it's spurred a very convincing fan theory.

In the trailer, we see Harley Quinn and the Joker strike up a relationship, but with a few key differences to the dynamic we see in the comics.

"Anyone else get the feeling that The Joker/Harley relationship is going to be an inverse of their comic portrayal?" speculates one Redditor. "I'm thinking Arthur is trying not to relapse back into his Joker persona but Harley is the one influencing him more to embrace it."

We have to say, we're pretty sold on this. The trailer shows Joker, AKA Arthur Fleck, in Arkham – and it looks like Harley's influence pulls him back towards his old, evil clown ways. For one thing, we see Harley lean over and say "let's get out of here," to Joker when they're both in Arkham, and she's seen applying Joker's face paint for him later in the trailer. Then, when visiting him at the end of the trailer, she draws a red smile on the glass separating them as her voiceover says: "I want to see the real you."

In DC comics, Joker is the one who corrupts Harley Quinn – she was a psychiatrist who fell in love with him and followed him into supervillainy. Flipping the script like this is certainly a refreshing change.

Joaquin Phoenix returns as Joker in the sequel, with Lady Gaga joining the cast as Harley Quinn. Other newcomers include Steve Coogan, Catherine Keener, and Brendan Gleeson, while Zazie Beetz is also returning. Todd Phillips is back to direct.

Joker: Folie à Deux arrives this October 4. You can keep up to date with everything else DC has in store with our guide to all the upcoming DC movies and TV shows.