These Are The Jokes, Folks: Jimmy Kimmel Tries A Few Oscars Bits Out On ‘Anatomy Of A Fall’ Dog

In a video posted to Instagram by Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel on Sunday, the late night comic asked Messi, the canine star of Best Picture nominee Anatomy of a Fall, to lift his leg on a few joke ideas.

“What do you think of this?” Kimmel asked. “Casting is a huge part of any film. Without casting directors, how on Earth would Bradley Cooper have thought to cast Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein in Maestro?”

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Messi didn’t react, so Kimmel tried again. “Okay, let me try another one: Casting is a delicate art. When you get it right, actors disappear into their roles. When you get it wrong, your audience asks questions like, ‘Why do all the teenagers in Grease look like they’ve got kids and a reverse mortgage?’ “

Still nothing from Messi.

Kimmel gave it one last shot. “Okay, maybe this one you’ll like: If you think the show feels overly drawn out to you, imagine how Messi feels right now. In dog years, this show is five and a half months long!”

Messi gave a bark of approval. “Oh good, okay, we got a winner,” Kimmel said.

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