Jordan Sangha wins Big Brother

Jordan Sangha has won Big Brother credit:Bang Showbiz
Jordan Sangha has won Big Brother credit:Bang Showbiz

Jordan Sangha has won 'Big Brother'.

The 26-year-old lawyer from Scunthorpe has won the £100,000 prize, after beating Olivia Young to the 'Big Brother' crown.

After his win was announced, Jordan joked: "I can pay my council tax!"

Jordan subsequently revealed that he felt "honoured" to win the ITV show. However, he never imagined waking away with the prize money.

He said: "The money will be nice, won't it ... did I think I could win it? No."

Jordan also addressed his relationship with Henry, which he previously described as being "plutonic with kisses".

He explained: "I need to read up on plutonic love ... I need to research more into that."

Asked where their relationship might go next, Jordan replied: "Henry and I made a promise that whoever wins, we would go to a five star hotel or somewhere decent ... with a twin room. We won't be sleeping in the beds!"

Prior to entering the house, Jordan admitted that he actually applied for the show "on a whim".

He previously shared: "I was quite disillusioned with life so I suppose boredom made me apply to some extent.

"I honestly applied on a whim. I'm interested in the social experiments side of 'Big Brother'.

"I don't really like the idea of living with people but I thought I might as well give it a try. And I wanted to challenge myself."

Meanwhile, Olivia confessed to being shocked by her own success.

The runner-up thought she wouldn't last long in the 'Big Brother' house, but she ended up making it until the end.

After the result was announced, Olivia explained: "On that first night, I thought 'I'm a gonner. What a waste of a journey.'"

Elsewhere, Henry finished in third position and he jokingly told Jordan to "book us a holiday" as he left the house.

The professional food critic subsequently discussed his relationship with Jordan.

He shared: "I couldn't imagine my experience in there without him. Once he lets you in, it's really wonderful and you feel it's a real privilege."