Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Guardians of the Galaxy lead?

Batman star could be playing Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord in new superhero project

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is reportedly now in the mix for the lead role in new Marvel Comics adaptation 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.

According to industry site Deadline, the 'Dark Knight Rises' star is now among the actors being pursued to play Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord.

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Gordon-Levitt... Batman star to play Star-Lord? (Copyright: Rex)

It had previously been reported that 'Cloud Atlas' star Jim Sturgess and 'Chuck's Zachary Levi were among the front-runners to take the role, while Joel Edgerton from 'Warrior' and Jack Huston from 'Boardwalk Empire' are also thought to have screen-tested.

It's not the first time in recent months that Gordon-Levitt has been linked to a superhero role.

Before Christmas, he was rumoured to be up for playing Batman in the forthcoming 'Justice League' film.

If he bags the role of US astronaut-turned-cosmic-hero Quill, he'll be under the charge of 'Super' director James Gunn, who is set to helm the project.

It's certainly among the more unusual superhero franchises in the offing, however.

Alongside Quill is a crew comprising a giant tree-like creature called Groot and the laser-toting Rocket Raccoon, an intelligent superhero raccoon.