Joss Stone reveals marriage after magical bouquet miss

Actress and singer Joss Stone has said she has tied the knot with Cody DaLuz after a “magical” moment during a performance of The Time Traveller’s Wife musical.

Stone, 36, has two children, son Shackleton and daughter Violet, with long-term partner, DaLuz.

Discussing the Apollo Theatre musical, Stone said almost catching a bouquet of flowers in the audience of the new London production was a “good omen” for a wedding.

Stone told 5 News: “I’ll tell you something magical, really truly. You know when she throws the flowers at the end?

“They came to me and I almost reached out for them to catch the flowers – this is when she gets married and they do the whole thing and that’s the end of the first act – and they sort of fell down here and there was an empty seat, just like the only empty seat in the whole place.

“And no-one went to pick them up and I was like, well they were for me. So I picked them up and everyone was like, yay.

“Anyway, I went home to Nashville and we got married last Thursday.”

Stone said that it was “a good sign”, before 5 News correspondent Tessa Chapman asked her: “Sorry, you got married last Thursday? Last Thursday?  Well congratulations.”

The Time Traveller’s Wife: The Musical
(left to right) Bill Buckhurst, Colin Ingram, David Hunter, Joanna Woodward, Hiba Elchikhe, Tim Mahendran, Joss Stone and Dave Stewart during the press launch for The Time Traveller’s Wife (James Manning/PA)

Stone said: “Yes, you know when you say, when you do that and the person who catches it – I know I didn’t catch it – I was so shy of them I was like oh my god they’re totally for me, they’re for me.”

Grammy Award winner Stone also spoke to the PA news agency about the musical, which features songs by her and Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart.

She said: “Unusually for a night like this, I am quaking in my boots. I’m like, ugh, I feel sick. I’m like, this is horrendous. I’ve (got to) remember my lyrics.

“There’s a lot of pressure, usually I’m performing, not tonight. I’ve done my bit and I’ve seen everyone do their bit and it is absolutely stunning. It’s so enjoyable and I get to do it again tonight.

“I get to just let it wash over me and just feel so proud and so like, grateful and lucky to be part of something like this. I never thought this would happen. It’s great.”