Joss Whedon denies $100m fee for Avengers 2

Director calls the media glare on the fees of Marvel stars 'tawdry'

Joss Whedon has denied rumours that he will earn $100 million (£65 million) for both writing and directing 'The Avengers 2'.

The director addressed the subject on the fansite Whedonesque, and laughed off the astronomical salary figure.

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“I was going to let it slide, but I've got this sour taste in my mouth. Some facts are not facts. I'm not going to go into the whole thing, but jeepers, I'm not getting $100 million on 'Avengers 2',” he said.

“I'm not making Downey money. I'm making A LOT, which is exciting. I'm not pretending to be a poor farmer, an Everyman, an ANYman. But that number is nuts.”

It was claimed that Whedon would be scooping the figure thanks to various complex deals encompassing sequels, his consultancy at Marvel Studios and his forthcoming TV work on the S.H.I.E.L.D. series for ABC.

Whatever Whedon's fee, it follows claims that the stars of 'Avengers Assemble' are seeking par rises for the next film.

It's claimed that Robert Downer Jr, who received $50 million for playing Iron Man in the first film, is leading the charge to get his co-stars better deals.

Some of them made just $200,000 for the first film.

Speaking about the negotiations and the rumours flying around the web, Whedon added that 'the whole thing's a bit tawdry'.

'Avengers 2' is due out on May 1, 2015.