Joss Whedon Is Adorably Pumped For Batman v Superman

He may have just directed the biggest superhero movie ever, but ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ director Joss Whedon seems to be just as excited about 2016′s ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ as he his about his own film.

When asked whether he’d watched the first trailer for ‘BvS’ that was released over the weekend, and he confirmed he had.

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“I found [the trailer for ‘Batman v Superman’] interesting,” he tells Yahoo Movies in our interview above, “Because they’re bringing up a lot of issues that we bring up in ‘Age of Ultron’ and I think it’s inevitable.”

“People with power, who are good, do not always agree and it makes perfect sense for me that [Batman and Superman] would fight. And besides… Batman and Superman are gonna fight! I’m so excited! I’m so excited!”

We put the same question to Captain America and Hawkeye actors Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner, but they hadn’t seen the ‘Dawn of Justice’ teaser yet.

However, they did have plenty to say about Superman and his seemingly unlimited powers.

“How does anyone fight Superman?” asks Evans.

“I know, that’s what I don’t get. What are you going to do with a Bat-belt?” adds Renner.

“I feel like [Superman] would bulldoze our whole squad, they really wrote him unfairly. It’s not fair, he’s got too much.” finished Evans.

Of course, ‘Batman v Superman’ was originally scheduled to face off with ‘Captain America 3′ at the box office when both films were set for release on the same day - 6 May, 2016.

‘Batman v Superman’ eventually blinked, moving its release forward to 25 March 2016. A Warner Bros. insider is reported to have explained the decision saying, “[We’re] not flinching – it’s a fantastic corridor for us.”

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ is coming to cinemas on Thursday, 23 April.

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Image credits: Disney/Warner Bros.