Judge Dismisses Dustin Lance Black Assault Case Tied to London Nightclub Fracas

A judge in London has dismissed a case against Dustin Lance Black, who was accused of assaulting a social media influencer in a nightclub altercation.

The judge, Louisa Cieciora of Westminster Magistrates’ Court, said Wednesday that “inconsistencies and weaknesses” in evidence presented by Teddy Edwardes, a presenter on BBC3’s The Big Proud Party Agency, undermined her credibility, per a representative for the Oscar-winning writer of Milk.

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Black was accused of assaulting Edwardes at a nightclub in central London in August 2022. He allegedly twisted her wrist, after which he was allegedly punched in the head by Edwardes.

The Under the Banner of Heaven creator in April pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was released on bail.

According to Black’s rep, the judge said, “I accept Ms. Edwardes provided an account in which she confirmed Mr. Black grabbed her wrist. However, the inconsistencies and weaknesses in her evidence go beyond simple matters of credibility and reliability to be determined at the end of the evidence.”

She stressed, “They are fundamental to the case. For that reason, I consider the prosecution evidence taken at its highest is such that… I couldn’t properly convict Mr Black of the charge.”

Black said in a statement, “I am pleased that the judge saw the truth today and ruled in my favour. As the evidence has proven, and I have always maintained, I am completely innocent, and in fact was the victim in this case of a serious assault.”

Both Black and Edwardes “made allegations of common assault,” according to local London authorities.

Black in September said he experienced a “serious head injury” from an unspecified incident.

“Showing little improvement, my doctors ordered me to shut off my brain in hopes of it healing. This has been a challenging, frightening time for a creative type who depends on what’s in his skull to work, care and love,” he wrote in a post on Instagram. “And now I understand the road back will be long.”

Edwardes has maintained she retaliated after Black threw a drink at her, which was a point of contention during the trial.

“I didn’t have a drink to throw back so I did choose violence, but I wasn’t that violent, he got a little tap on the head,” she said in an Instagram post. “Tell me why he is crying outside saying it’s a targeted attack and he’s traumatized and called the police, so I have to wait for hours and now I have been cautioned and have to go in for interviews.”

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