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Judi Dench to star in Star Wars VII as Mon Mothma?

Legendary British actress has been tipped for Episode VII

COMMENT | Although plenty of big names have been linked to 'Star Wars VII', I don't think anyone expected Dame Judie Dench… but apparently she's up for the role of Mon Mothma.

Ever since 'Star Wars VII' was first announced, we've heard plenty of big names supposedly heading to the galaxy far, far away. But none have been quite as surprising as our very own Dame Judi Dench. That's right folks - one of our greatest national treasures is rumoured to be up for a role in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'. And as Mon Mothma, the rebellion could do a lot worse…

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According to the folks over at Big Shiny Robot, the legendary British actress is up for the role of Mon Mothma - the rebel leader who helped orchestrate the attack against the second Death Star.

"This came out in the same batch of news that brought us names like Benedict Cumberbatch," they said. "And, to be honest, it's my view that just about everyone is being talked to for a role in this film. But the name is: Judi Dench. Playing Mon Mothma."

And it's believed to be the same bit of casting gossip that El Mayimbe of the Latino Review has been dropping hints about on twitter.

HINT: A nominee currently on the awards circuit (including tonight) is up for a major role in STAR WARS EPISODE VII. Who can it be? RT :)

- elmayimbe (@elmayimbe) January 19, 2014

Of course, this remains merely a rumour until confirmed by Disney or Lucasfilm… but it's certainly an exciting one. Let's face it - Dame Judi Dench is one of the biggest British names out there. And after ending her stint as M in the James Bond franchise, it looks as though she could be looking for another role to sink her teeth into.

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But is it really Mon Mothma?

I can't help thinking that this is mere speculation… or perhaps wishful thinking. After all, a well-known thesp such as Judi Dench would bring a certain guaranteed gravitas to the movie as per Sir Alec Guinness. But then, perhaps that's exactly why she's been pursued for the role.

The trouble is, Mon Mothma has already appeared in the original 'Star Wars trilogy, played by Caroline Blakiston - a fellow British actress who I'm sure would still be available for the 'Episode VII' version of her character.

But would Abrams and co. really recast the part to get Judi Dench on board? For now, we'll just have to wait and see.

Do you think Judi Dench has been approached for 'Star Wars VII'? Would she make a great Mon Mothma? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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