Julie and Jake flirted their way through Netflix's 'The Trust,' but did they actually date after filming? Here's what we know about their relationship today

julie sitting on jake's lap in a chair on the trust, both look coy and calculating as they pose, smiling
Julie and Jake in "The Trust."Netflix
  • Netflix's "The Trust" is a reality series where players decide how to split a pot of money.

  • Contestants Jake Chocholous and Julie Theis struck up a romance on the show.

  • Right now, it's unclear if they're dating in real life, and they're dodging questions on social media.

"The Trust," one of Netflix's newest reality series, isn't a dating show. But it is one where players are encouraged to make strong connections — and two players formed a somewhat romantic one.

Julie Theis and Jake Chocholous started to build a romantic rapport in the first several episodes of "The Trust." Despite some snags, like Jake ranking Julie low in a series of games where players measured each other along traits like loyalty and intelligence, their connection continued to grow.

And in turn, it started to affect the game: In episode three, Julie chooses to vote to eliminate Simone, fearing that Jay is going to vote Jake out. Her intention is to block Jay's vote and cause a tie, meaning no one would be sent home — but little does she know that Jay was actually targeting Simone, not Jake, and she's contributed to someone's elimination. Eventually, Julie chooses to disclose some of that information to Jake, leading the other women to begin to distrust her.

Jake and Julie continue to foster a relationship during the second batch of episodes, even as some of the other women attempt to convince Julie that Jake hasn't, and won't, prioritize her in the game.

Despite the drama, both have made it into the final five and are advancing to the finale of the series set to release on January 24. Here's everything we know about their relationship right now.

Jake and Julie are playing coy about their relationship on Instagram

Both Jake and Julie still follow each other on Instagram ahead of the finale, but they're being coy about the status of their relationship.

On Thursday, January 18, a day after the latest batch of episodes released on Netflix, Jake nodded to his relationship with Julie in several posts on his Instagram story.

"Please tell me you are not dating that girl," a follower asked him in one post.

"Watch the finale! Jan 24," he wrote in an on-screen caption, with footage of him sipping from a glass conspicuously.

jake from the turst sipping from a glass on instagram. an on-screen question says pls tell me you are not dating that girl, and jake's reply on the screen says watch the finale jan 24th
Jake's post on Instagram.@jakechocholous/Instagram

Another follower explicitly asked him whether or not he had a relationship with Julie.

"So I realize that I'm not gonna stop getting this question. Um, me and Julie are—" he said, before the video cut off.

In response to a similar inquiry, he posted a video with the caption, "I thought this was happening in real time?"

Julie also dodged the question on her own Instagram story post after the second batch of episodes dropped.

julie's post on instagram, with a screenshot of a cosmopolitan article asking "are julie and jake from netflix's the trust together now?." a commenter asks her if she is still dating, and she replies on screen, tell me why cosmopolitan is asking the same question
Julie's response on Instagram about whether or not she and Jake are still dating.@julietheisofficial/Instagram

"Tell me why Cosmopolitan is asking the same question," she responsed to a question about their relationship, including a screenshot of a Cosmopolitan story.

The season finale of "The Trust" airs Wednesday on Netflix.

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