Jurassic Park child star Ariana Richards recreates jelly scene and make fans feel ancient

Ariana Richards has recreated her famous jelly scene from the original Jurassic Park film, 30 years after its release — making fans feel their age.

The former actress had been only 13 years old when Steven Spielberg’s classic first hit cinemas in 1993 and she played the role of Lex Murphy.

In the scene, Lex and her brother Tim are gorging on an array of puddings after being left — in apparent safety — in the park’s canteen. The camera focuses on Lex while she is eating jelly and begins to shake as she sees, before the audience, a velociraptor approaching.

The five-second clip recreating the scene was shared on the Jurassic World TikTok account on Wednesday, with the caption “A duet 30 years in the making”.

Lex and Tim are the grandchildren of Richard Attenborough’s park owner John Hammond in Jurassic Park and are on a tour before it gets a public opening.

Richards said in a 2013 interview, “Interestingly, I never lost my voice,” on the set, despite the amount of screaming she was required to do.

“One time, Steven came up to me and said you reach such a point of terror, that we see it written all over your face. [He asked] ‘How do you get to this level of fear, were you scared by something when you were two? What was it? Actually, I don’t want to know!’”

Richards is now 43 and a painter, having not amassed many acting credits since the 1990s. She focuses on oil portraits and one of them is reportedly on Spielberg’s office wall.

“I like to paint people out in locations they really enjoy doing something spontaneous,” she said in the interview on US television. “I enjoy getting to know what people’s essence is like and then getting that on canvas in a special way.”

While she has focused on art in recent years, fans remember Richards’s character fondly — although some are amazed so many years have gone by.

“Jesus God do I feel old,” a TikTok commentor said.

“You do not know... how old this made me feel,” another added.