Jurassic Park velociraptor cage up for sale on eBay

Screen-used prop includes full size dinosaur too, if you’ve got £60,000...

Fan of ‘Jurassic Park’? Got some cash to spare? Then we might have just the thing for you…

The screen-used velociraptor cage from the 1993 dino-venture has gone on sale on ebay, in what might be one of the most niche movie props auctions ever.

The item also includes a full-size raptor (Credit: Theme Park Connection/eBay)
The item, being sold by Theme Park Connection, also comes equipped with a “full size” raptor prop, just in case you needed more reason to want it.

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That price tag though? The highest bid is currently at over $99,000… That’s £60,000 worth of Hollywood history.

Iconic scene... The gruesome opening of Jurassic Park (Credit: Universal)
The “animal transport cart” famously featured in ‘Jurassic Park’s’ traumatic opening scene – when an ill-fated gate keeper (named Jophery, if you need some film buff points) was dragged into the cage by a raptor to an incredibly grizzly death.

It was a bad omen to say the least, but made for one of the most iconic introductions in blockbuster history.

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Theme Park Connections also claim to have the Mobile Lab RV and trailer from the 1997 sequel ‘The Lost World’ up for auction too. You can visit the seller’s page, here.

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