Jurassic World Takes Over Waterloo Station


Monday, 8 June marked the first day that Universal’s ‘Jurassic World’ took over London’s Waterloo Station, with a number of amazing-looking dinosaur models, a pop-up shop and an audio-visual tour.

Last week an Ingen crate was mysteriously placed in the centre of the station with a raptor warning, and today we found out what exactly was in this secure unit: four velociraptors, of course! The spectacle has, as you can imagine, attracted crowds throughout the day and will continue to do so.


There are several actual ‘Jurassic World’ guides and rangers dotted around the station ready to introduce us to the team of dinos and answer any questions you may have.

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Huge banner, movie posters, looped film footage, an audio and visual tour, and the chance to see your selfie tweets on the huge video screen (if you include #JurassicWaterloo) are all part of this immersive experience that’s there until 22 June.


Above: Anyone can log on and use their smart phones for an audio tour.


There’s also a newly erected shop where you can buy all of the films, as well as a limited edition tin (in association with Odeon) as a means of storing your ticket/gift card that can be purchased from the shop, or the limited edition ticket you can obtain if you visit Odeon cinemas between 11 and 14 June.


The extent that Universal have gone to ahead of ‘Jurassic World’s’ release later this week is impressive. It reminiscent of the incredible marketing campaign they did for the first ‘Jurassic Park’ back in 1993, whereby you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing some sort of JP-related merch.

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‘Jurassic World’ is in UK cinemas from 11 June.

Picture credit: Mike Williams, Samantha Huggins