Jurassic World: 9 Awesome Things We Learned From Today’s Set Visit

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American breakfast show ‘Today’ became the first broadcast outlet to pay a visit to ‘Jurassic World’ yesterday, with host Jenna Bush Hager meeting the cast of Universal’s forthcoming dino-sequel on the film’s set.

Although the report didn’t give too much away about the plot of the film, there were still plenty of little details to be gleaned from the frothy TV segment.

Apologies for the poor quality of the screen grabs ahead.

Feeding time

Director Colin Trevorrow can be seen here on set with a huge animal carcass hanging behind him. We hope this is a nod to the iconic T-Rex feeding scene from the 1993 original.

Steven Spielberg is helping out

“[I get] words of wisdom every day [from Spielberg]”, says Trevorrow. “He’ll send ideas and draw out ideas on pads of paper and I’ll shoot them.”

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Bryce Dallas Howard is feeling the pressure

“I feel like ‘Jurassic Park’ was our generation’s ‘Star Wars’,” she tells the host. “It’s a really big deal.”

It’s a fully functional attraction

We can see crowds of people enjoying their time at ‘Jurassic World’. People are queuing for attractions, ogling dinosaurs, reading park maps, and arriving on a jetty.

The park’s name is ‘Jurassic World’

Hence the film’s title. “Where we’re shooting right now is Jurassic World,” explains male lead Chris Pratt. “20,000 visitors a day come to see the dinosaurs and the attractions.”

Man’s hubris will cause problems… again

“[The park] has been around long enough for the attendance to fall off,” adds Pratt, “so they decided to come up with a new attraction to bring even more people in. And - you’re never going to believe it – but it doesn’t go well.” Colin Trevorrow has already confirmed that genetically-modified dinos will play a part, so this sounds like what Pratt is talking about.

First look at Irrfan Khan

It’s a blurry glimpse, but that’s definitely the ‘Life of Pi’ star stood with Bryce Dallas Howard. He’s said to be playing a company man, one of the “suits” behind the park.

Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins give good screams

The two child stars of the piece demonstrate their screaming skills. We guess they will come in handy when all hell, inevitably, breaks loose.

‘Jurassic World’ has a kick-ass gift shop

In a second online-only video, ‘Today’ goes into the gift shop with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. T-Rex hats, action figures, raptor claws… the gift shop has it all – expect to see most of it in real-life toy shops ahead of the film’s release in 2015.

'Jurassic World' is coming to cinemas 12 June, 2015.

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