Have we just found Patient Zero for all Taylor Swift's angst?

Wendy Geller
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Last week, what started out as an innocent Twitter conversation (“Who is the most famous alum of your high school?”) quickly evolved into a popcorn-worthy scenario. A tweeter named Sam Armstrong noted that Swift went to his high school — and, oh yeah, he dated her too.

Pictures or it didn’t happen? Armstrong — who describes himself in his Twitter profile as “just your regular, slightly above average, guy” — ponied up the goods, providing a cute shot of himself with the superstar, posing for what appears to be a school formal.

Photo: Sam Armstrong via Twitter

Now, we all know that Swift began putting out her very first lovelorn songs about this time in her life, including a real zinger about a cheating jerk, “Should’ve Said No,” which appeared on her 2006 debut album. Swifties on social media quickly hopped on Armstrong, accusing him of being the creep who broke Swift’s teenage heart and started the whole ball of misery rolling.

Armstrong — who, in all fairness, might be perfectly innocent in this respect, as who knows how many boys Swift dated in high school — wasn’t going to have this treatment. He clapped back, grumbling, “The crazies are certainly out,” and stating, “I get being a fan of someone…but gat damn, you don’t know her. Or me. Hush.”

To make his final point, he posted this:

Swift, of course, made no comment on the matter.

Well, lesson learned to the unwise: If you ever took Swift out on a date, anywhere, at any time in her 28-year history, you might want to consider keeping any evidence of it to yourself.

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