Justice League could mean a new Batman by 2015

Ben Arnold
Yahoo UK Movies News

The next Batman could make his first appearance in the forthcoming 'Justice League' film in 2015.

According to the Batman on Film blog, DC Comics, the publisher of the likes of Batman and Superman, is set to make the Justice League feature its next film project after Zack Snyder's anticipated Superman re-boot 'Man Of Steel', which is due out next summer.

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This could mean that we might see a new Batman by summer 2015, when it's thought that the 'Justice League' film will get its release, before Warner Bros, who made Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, begins any kind of new solo Batman project.

So far rumours have been circulating about who might direct the all-star superhero flick, with the likes of the Wachowskis and Ben Affleck floated as possibilities, but there's been no confirmation as yet.

There's also no confirmation of which superheros will star, but among the possible contenders alongside Superman and Batman are Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern.

But a script is in progress from Will Beall, who penned the forthcoming period mob flick 'Gangster Squad', and despite Christopher Nolan's involvement in 'Man of Steel' and his own Batman films, he's ruled himself out of any Justice League plans.