Justice League sequel delayed for Ben Affleck's The Batman

Ben Bussey
·UK Movies Writer
The cast of 'Justice League' (credit: Warner Bros)
The cast of ‘Justice League’ (credit: Warner Bros)

DC Comics superteam the ‘Justice League’ will unite on screen for the first time next November – however, it seems we’ll be waiting longer than expected for their second mission.

It had been thought that director Zack Snyder would go directly into ‘Justice League 2’ after completing work on the upcoming DC Extended Universe team-up movie, but there’s been a change of plan.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ‘Justice League’ sequel (to which Snyder is definitely still attached) is being temporarily put on hold to make way for Ben Affleck’s solo movie ‘The Batman.’

Affleck is set to direct ‘The Batman’ as well as playing the lead, and co-writing the screenplay with Geoff Johns, whilst Joe Manganiello will co-star as villain Deathstroke; little else is known about the film for sure.

Zack Snyder (Getty Images)
Zack Snyder (Getty Images)

Whilst ‘Justice League 2’ is on hold, Snyder will instead start work on ‘The Last Photograph,’ an original drama which the director has had on the back burner for several years.

THR tell us ‘The Last Photograph’ centres on “a war correspondent in Afghanistan who is the only one to survive an attack on a group of Americans. When a special ops soldier in search of a family member shows up, the two team up, with the correspondent hoping to score the story of his life.”

Sounds considerably more grounded than the large-scale blockbusters Snyder is known for – but considering he’s now directed three DC Extended Universe movies back-to-back (‘Man of Steel,’ ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ and now ‘Justice League’), one can hardly blame the director for wanting to do something different.

‘The Last Photograph’ had initially been set to go before cameras in 2011 with Christian Bale and Sean Penn starring, but will now be recasting; the script from Kurt Johnstad will also reportedly be updated.

No release dates have yet been announced for either ‘The Batman’ or ‘The Last Photograph,’ but we can expect to see ‘Justice League’ on UK screens from 17 November 2017.

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