Justin Bieber Photoshopped his face on Beyoncé's body, and we can't unsee it

Wendy Geller
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

If you’ve ever thought Justin Bieber has a pretty face, it turns out he seems to agree — and isn’t afraid to have a little fun with it. The singer decided to play around with a photo editor yesterday just to see what he’d look like as a queen — Queen Beyoncé, to be exact. 

Meet “Rachel Bieber.” It’s not clear why Bieber decided to superimpose his face on a photo of Bey, but one thing is certain: He looks quite nice!

If he ever decides to try out drag for real, we’d bet RuPaul and queen company would say he’s serving fish (that’s drag speak for “looking very feminine”).

Fans had different theories about why Bieber had the urge to share this artwork, and they pretty much fell into three categories: He was dazzled by Bey’s set at Coachella; he was bored or he was under the influence.

Bieber seems to enjoy playing around with photos as well as making references to fake siblings (in reality, he has two half-siblings). A month ago, he drastically altered his appearance in yet another shot, claiming it was his brother “Tony Bieber.”

Is it too late to say sorry now? Because we can’t unsee either of these photos.

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