Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton's 'Say Something' gets rave reviews

Heather Gardner
Video Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Justin Timberlake has finally succeeded in getting the internet to love his new music. The singer released the third single off his highly anticipated upcoming album, Man of the Woods, and fans loved it. “Say Something” is a pop-country crossover song in collaboration with one of country music’s hottest acts, Chris Stapleton. The reactions were nothing but praise.

YouTubers wasted no time in watching and reacting to the six-minute video, which was recorded with one camera, live in a single shot at L.A.’s landmark Bradbury Building. The stunning video featured Timberlake, Stapleton, 17 musicians, and a 60-person choir. Needless to say, fans were impressed.

The praise for Say Something comes after Timberlake failed to capture his fans with the release of his first two singles off the new album. Filthy and Supplies gathered mixed reviews from audiences — some appreciated the artist’s vision, while others couldn’t get on board.

Still, all three new songs have generated tons of buzz for Man of the Woods, which will be available Feb. 2. The singles have also been a great lead-in to Timberlake’s upcoming halftime show performance at the Super Bowl, Feb 4.

Meanwhile, pop wasn’t the only genre to dominate the internet today; hip-hop got its turn with the release of Culture 2, the 24-track album by Migos. Like Say Something, Culture 2 had YouTubers immediately releasing reaction videos and the Twitter praise was strong.

One thing’s for sure: No matter what genre you’re into, new-music Fridays has something for everyone!

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