Justin Timberlake serenades Ellen for her birthday

Mike Bagood
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Justin Timberlake took time away from rehearsing for the Super Bowl LII halftime show and his upcoming tour to wish Ellen DeGeneres a happy 60th birthday. Timberlake and his backup band, the Tennessee Kids, sent Ellen lovely flowers because they couldn’t be there in person. He wanted to make sure he was given his share of credit — all of it.

Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids, with help from the studio audience, sang “Happy Birthday” to Ellen.

A surprise birthday appearance, flowers, and a song … what else could Ellen want for her birthday? Oh, nothing major — just a Super Bowl shout-out.

During the halftime show, Timberlake will be performing for millions around the world, but despite that pressure, Ellen wanted to make sure she knows he is thinking about her by giving her some sort of gesture. Timberlake suggested a simple tug of the ear, while Ellen had bigger plans. Ellen then began to pat her shoulders several times like a third-base coach in baseball. Timberlake said, “This is either the Macarena or the Three Amigos.” Ellen wasn’t done yet: She asked that her shout-out end with a sexy rub of his tummy, which Timberlake took from creepy to sensual.

The belly thing might be tough to fit into the halftime routine, but thankfully JT can really rock your body and was able to bring sexy back for the occasion of Ellen’s big 6-0.

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