Kaitlyn Dever's new Disney+ movie gets rave first reactions

kaitlyn dever, no one will save you
Kaitlyn Dever's new Disney+ film gets rave reviewsSam Lothridge - 20th Century Studios

A new sci-fi horror film is coming to Disney+ starring Dopesick's Kaitlyn Dever and it is receiving rave first reviews.

Written and directed by The Babysitter's Brian Duffield, No One Will Save You follows Brynn Adams (Dever), a recluse who finds her home under attack from extraterrestrial beings.

Also starring Watchmen's Geraldine Singer and Multiplicity star Zack Duhame, the otherworldly horror arrives on the streaming platform tomorrow (September 22).

Ahead of its release, critics have been praising the film, with Digital Spy's Ian Sandwell branding it "one of the best surprises of the year".

kaitlyn dever, no one will save you
Sam Lothridge - 20th Century Studios

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Posting on X (formerly Twitter), he continued: "Works as both a tense home invasion thriller and a bold 'aliens attack' sci-fi, with Kaitlyn Dever excellent in the lead role. Deserved a big screen release, would have gone down a storm with a crowd."

The Kingcast host and Fangoria writer Scott Wampler wrote: "No One Will Save You is one of my favorite movies of the year, full stop.

"Freaky set pieces, genuine Amblin vibes, a very unexpected ending and... a few other surprises best left for you to discover. Someone finally made the 'mean gray aliens' movie I've always wanted. Loved it."

kaitlyn dever as brynn, no one will save you
20th Century Studios

Germain Lussier, a senior reporter for Gizmodo and io9, said: "No One Will Save You is a surprising, no-holds-barred alien invasion movie with a dynamite lead performance by Kaitlyn Dever.

"It's small but never feels that way thanks to the VFX, and the story keeps you guessing till the very end. Thrilling. Fascinating. F'd up. On Hulu Friday."

Screen Rant's Tessa Smith described the film as "like an episode of The Twilight Zone".

She said: "No One Will Save You is a brilliant film for reasons I do not want to talk about for fear of spoilers. It feels like an episode of The Twilight Zone.

kaitlyn dever as brynn, no one will save you
20th Century Studios

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"Terrifying at times, with a little bit of heart snuck in. Kaitlyn Dever once again proves she is phenomenal."

Film School Rejects and One Perfect Shot's Rob Hunter praised the emotional range of the film, writing: "One minute you're having a blast with a home invasion turned alien invasion, and the next you're tearing up uncontrollably.

"Kaitlyn Dever is her usual brilliance channeling Agnes Moorehead. Highly recommended."

No One Will Save You comes to Disney+ on September 22.

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