Kallmeyer Fall 2024: Aprés Ski Through the Language of Draping

Café Kallmeyer is back. Daniella Kallmeyer once again staged her collection in real life, this time at downtown hotspot La Mercieie. “It’s wearing and living in the clothes,” she said of her presentation. “That is what Kallmeyer is.” What Kallmeyer is and the community Danillea has built was on full display. She chose aprés ski images from the ’60s and ’70s as a base, setting the room with flowers, playing cards, backgammon sets, coffee and tea sandwiches on tables.

The dynamic nature of the vintage photography, such as the contrast from the highlights and the shadows, is what struck her. “It’s so sharp and discerning,” she said, adding that the joy of escapism was top of mind. Models moved around the space set in momentary tableaus, but far from stagnant — her clothes are about movement, authenticity and giving power to the wearer.

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Pre-fall saw her muse on athleticism, the body and its relationship to clothes. She dove deeper into that here, with languid draping in stretch fabrics. Two looks in red in technical fabrics were standouts. Knits were a touch collegiate with striped V-neck details or mid-zip mock necks, while an oversized black leather jacket with lived-in patina on the trim felt like a grail find at a flea market. Customers may have found Kallmeyer for the loose oversized suiting or pants offering (they were here too), but there is so much more to the brand, including supple handbags, classic belts and more.

Her vein of minimalism is powerful, not precious. “The greatest compliment you can give a Kallmeyer garment is living it,” she said.

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