The Kardashians season 4: episode guide, trailer and everything we know about the reality show

 Khloé Kardashian sitting down in all black in The Kardashians season 4.
Khloé Kardashian sitting down in all black in The Kardashians season 4.

The Kardashian/Jenner clan is back for another round of family, fun and drama, as it's time for The Kardashians season 4. After The Kardashians season 3 saw Kourtney and Kim go back and forth in one of their most contentious arguments shown on TV, will the pair be able to officially put the past behind them and move on in a positive direction? Also, are there new romances on the horizon for a few of the sisters?

Here's everything we know about The Kardashians season 4.

The Kardashians season 4 release date

The Kardashians season 4 premiered on Thursday, September 28, on Hulu in the US and on Disney Plus in the UK.

The Kardashians season 4 episode guide

Below you'll find an episode guide for season 4. Episode 10, the finale, becomes available to stream on November 30.

Season 4, episode 1: "You're a Witch and I Hate You"
"The family heads to Cabo San Lucas, but Kourtney and Kim get into a heated argument that changes the dynamic of the trip."

Season 4, episode 2: "When Is Being Me Gonna Be Okay?"
"Kim shares her business acumen on a cross-country trip and ponders second chances. Kris takes some time to refocus on her relationship and herself, while Khloé navigates her new normal with Tristan."

Season 4, episode 3: "A Step in the Right Direction"
"Kim heads back to Milan as her relationship with Kourtney gets to a better place. Khloé helps Scott remedy his back pain and a midlife crisis, meanwhile, Kris assists Tristan in landing a dream job."

Season 4, episode 4: "London Here We Come"
"Kim heads to London for a soccer moms' trip with her son and friends. Kris wants everyone to find love, so she and Khloé set up Scott on a blind date. Later, Kris worries how Khloé will react if Tristan moves on."

Season 4, episode 5: "It Takes a Village"
"Khloé navigates her increasingly complicated living situation while throwing a birthday party for True. Kim continues her European soccer trip and meets a potential date for the Met Gala. The family helps Scott with his back problems."

Season 4, episode 6: "You're Spiraling"
"The family celebrates Easter weekend in Palm Springs. Later, Malika accompanies Kim on an important trip, while Khloé's frustration with her management team leads to a heated conversation with Kris."

Season 4, episode 7: "A Short-Term Fight"
"Kim heads to Vegas to officiate a wedding but forgets to invite someone. Kris tries to mend things with Khloé with a futuristic surprise. Kim tries to get Khloé out of the house for a night on the town."

Season 4, episode 8: "Not Forgotten, Not Forgiven"
"Tristan has one-on-one chats with Khloé's sisters to finally confront his transgressions. Kim over-exerts herself and turns to Kris for advice. Kourtney goes on tour with her husband."

Season 4, episode 9: "You Have Ruined  Our Family"
"Kim, Kendall and Kylie attend the Met Gala while North gives critiques. Kris meets with Oscar winner Brian Grazer about a documentary, as Khloé interviews her cousin Cici about their family history. Kourtney has a big surprise to share."

Season 4, episode 10: "Buckle Up and Let's Go"
"In the season finale, Kourtney takes Kris and Khloé on tour to San Diego. Kim struggles with the pressures of acting in a TV show, and the family gathers to celebrate Kourtney and Travis at their gender reveal."

The Kardashians season 4 trailer

Things between Kourtney and Kim still look pretty icy in the trailer. Check out the video clip below.

The Kardashians season 4 premise

Here is an official synopsis of the new season:

"The cameras are back with all access to the personal and private lives of Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie. From second chances and new beginnings to unexpected blessings, they continue to bare it all together, a reminder that the most beautiful part of life is family."

From the look of the trailer, Kourtney is knee-deep into her pregnancy, which is good news for her and her husband Travis as they've previously shared their difficulties getting pregnant. We can only hope the baby helps push her and Kim to finally make up, because as previously mentioned, they haven't been on the best of terms.

Speaking of family friction, it appears Khloé and mom Kris will also have their own disagreements over Tristan Thompson. Khloé doesn’t seem pleased that her mother is so close to the NBA star, who is the father of Khloé's two children and her ex.

In some less dramatic news, all of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters (except Kourtney) seem to be single. So hopefully viewers get to see some new romances take shape in the season 4 episodes.

The Kardashians season 4 cast

Kim Kardashian in all black smiling in The Kardashians season 4
Kim Kardashian in all black smiling in The Kardashians season 4

Returning to the fold once again are Kim and Khloé Kardashian, Kendall and Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian Barker. The five sisters are of course joined by their mom Kris Jenner. As the six women continue to document their business and personal lives on camera, fans can expect to see extended family members and friends such as Scott Disick, Travis Barker, Cory Gamble and Tristan Thompson. It doesn't seem likely we'll be getting a sighting from the other Kardashian sibling, Rob.

How to watch The Kardashians

The Kardashians is a Hulu original series in the US. Those hoping to watch previous and new episodes of the show need a subscription to either Hulu with Live TV, the Disney Plus Bundle or the standalone Hulu service. In the UK, episodes are available on Disney Plus.