Kate Beckinsale slams critics calling her thin

Kate Beckinsale has blasted critics telling her she's too thin following her recent health scare.

The actor was forced to stand up for herself after trolls flooded the comment section of an Instagram clip showing her preparations for her forthcoming 1990s-based film, Stolen Girl.

The video showed Beckinsale donning a series of retro-styled outfits and hairstyles while goofing around in her trailer.

While the Underworld star seemed thrilled to be back at work after her weeks-long hospital stay, haters were quick to give their opinions.

Beckinsale clapped back, writing, "I nursed my (stepdad) to his death early this year. My mum also has stuff going on. I am adjusting to watching two fathers die, one when I was 5, one in January of this year."

In January, the Vacancy star lost her stepfather Roy Battersby after a brief illness.

She discovered her father Richard Beckinsale's body after he died from a heart attack when she was a child.

Beckinsale explained she had also experienced a severe flare of mast cell disease "mitigated by stress, shock and grief".

She continued, "That's what I am prepared to disclose that has contributed to some weight loss. What you think of my appearance... is not important."

The Van Helsing star also called out the critics for feeling the need to bully females about their appearance.

"The fact you fancy girls who are heavier than I am does not feature in things that are important or relevant," she wrote. "I don't care what your taste in women is. I care that you think any of us need to be apprised of it... Do better."