Kate McKinnon reveals how Leslie Jones nearly puked live on 'SNL'

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On Live With Kelly and Ryan, Kate McKinnon explained that in a recent sketch on Saturday Night Live, she and James Franco nearly made her castmate Leslie Jones puke. McKinnon and Franco were in a sketch in which they played gift wrappers. Franco ended up cutting off a finger, and “blood” sprayed everywhere.

McKinnon said, “Leslie Jones, who we love, was going to throw up. She was going to throw up in real life at all of this fake blood because it was very visceral, a lot of blood everywhere.”

In the sketch, Franco spat blood onto Jones, and some ended up in her mouth. Although McKinnon said the blood tasted like fruit juice, Jones couldn’t help but get queasy.

On live TV, Jones fought back the urge to vomit and probably missed a line or two and made the sketch a highlight of the night.

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