Kate Middleton Photographer Addresses New Editing Claims as Photos Are Analyzed

the duke and duchess of cambridge visit the dec
Kate Middleton Photog Addresses Editing Claims Jeff Spicer - Getty Images

Thanks to Kate Middleton's, um, adventurous experiments in the world of photoshop, there's been some mistrust when it comes to images of The Princess of Wales. Specifically, a recent photo of Princess Kate and Prince William driving in their car mere hours after Kate's public apology—which seemingly features two completely different brick walls.

However! On the heels of photo agency Goff Photos telling Entertainment Tonight that "image has been cropped and lightened, nothing has been doctored," photographer Jim Bennet is also claiming there are no significant edits.

"We don’t change our photos in Photoshop other than adjusting the light levels if necessary," Bennet explained to People. "Car shots are unpredictable at the best of times and with some reflection on the glass it can be difficult." Also? The area William and Kate were driving looks like this:

Either way, Bennet didn't even realize Kate was in the car until he analyzed his pics: "It wasn't until I checked on the back of the camera to make sure I had a frame of Prince William that I realized there was someone sitting next to him. It turned out to be Catherine!"

Meaning: yes, that really was Kate leaving the house with Prince William on March 11. As for where she was going, apparently the Princess of Wales had a "private appointment."

Unfortunately, their appearance has done nothing to squash conspiracy theories about Kate's health and whereabouts, and as of now, Kensington Palace has remained tight-lipped about when she'll make an official return to the public eye!

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