Kate Winslet and daughter Mia Threapleton co-star in I Am Ruth

Kate Winslet and her daughter Mia Threapleton play a mother and daughter affected by social media pressures in Channel 4's I Am Ruth.

Credit: I Am Ruth / Channel 4

Video transcript


- What's the matter?

- Nothing.

- OK.

- You can do whatever you want, sweetheart. You are not judged, you are not criticized--

- Well I am though, am I not?

- I'm sorry that I'm not perfect.

- Please, stop.

- You are driving me to do this!

- I really think it would be worth her while if she saw a counsellor.

- Where's my phone?

- It's what's making you ill.

- Mom, what happened?

- Freya's not very well, sweetheart.

- I'm really frightened.

- The award winning "I Am" returns with a feature length special. "I Am Ruth," coming soon on Channel 4 and All4.