Kate Winslet: I've felt objectified in past movies without knowing it

Kate Winslet attends the Longines Masters of New York at Nassau Coliseum on April 27, 2018 in Uniondale New York (Photo by Kena Betancur / AFP)        (Photo credit should read KENA BETANCUR/AFP/Getty Images)
Kate Winslet has admitted to feeling objectified on screen. (Getty Images)

Kate Winslet has confessed she has felt objectified on-screen looking back over her career.

The 45-year-old Titanic actor stars in Francis Lee's new film Ammonite about real-life English paleontologist Mary Anning, who embarks on a secret lesbian relationship with Charlotte Murchison, played by Saoirse Ronan.

Winslet said of their love scenes in an interview with the Radio Times: "We realised that by removing dialogue, we could explore the desire and depth of connection between these two women further.

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"I learnt a lot. It felt very equal and very safe; we weren’t objectified in any way.

"But that also made me realise that I’ve felt a little objectified in the past without knowing it. It brought up a lot of interesting thoughts."

The multi-award-winning British actress rose to fame after appearing in Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures in 1994, which featured her as a teenager in the bath and running around in her underwear.

Kate Winslet posed naked in 'Titanic' in 1997. (CBS via Getty Images)

She is perhaps best known for posing for a nude portrait as Rose in Titanic in 1997, followed by a steamy love scene with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Over her career she has bared all on screen in Jude, Hideous Kinky, Holy Smoke, Iris, Little Children and The Reader.

Winslet recently revealed she has noticed her love scenes with Ronan, 26, have come under much more scrutiny than any of her previous love scenes – which were with men.

Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan play lovers in new movie 'Ammonite'. (Getty Images)
Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan play lovers in new movie Ammonite. (Getty Images)

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She told Digital Spy: "What I definitely found really striking is that people seem to talk about the love scenes in the film in ways that are much more focused, because it's two women.

"And I'm telling you, with my hand on my heart, I have never been asked the same volume of questions about love scenes of a heterosexual nature – of which I have shot many in my life. And so that to me, that to me, that's a conversation."

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